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From 5:00 P.M. (No Substitutions Please)

Monday [Bullet] Steak (Top Sirlion) and Baked Potato 7.95
Tuesday [Bullet] Roast (Half) Chicken and Baked Potato 7.75
Wednesday [Bullet] Four Beef Ribs and Fries 7.75
Thursday [Bullet] Brisket of Beef with Potato and Vegetable 7.50
Friday [Bullet] New York Steak and Baked Potato 8.95
Weekend [Bullet] Dollar Day Specials Until 4pm: Sat & Sun: Inquire $$
Dollar Days [Bullet] Dollar Day Specials Until 4pm / Mon & Tue: Inquire $$
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Last modified: June 11, 1998
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